Ether’s women’s division boasts an impressive range of talent from the likes of rising stars Cordelia Watkins, Lucile Mann, Sophie Watts, Emma Marsh, and Janie Parsons. The division is comprised of Mainboard, Icons, Development, New faces and Fitness.


Men's board leads the industry in the representation and development of the most successful male models. Under the umbrella of Ether Men are four divisions, Icons, Mainboard, Development, New Faces and Fitness.


Kids and Teens division, which provides full-service modeling and talent management, is recognized as the leading division for kids and teens in New York


Influencers are people with significant social networks (followers, readers and subscribers) who can speak about a broad range of products and services with the ability to sway opinions
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    Vincent Robertson

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    Ollie Salazar

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    Edna Hammond


Artist Management was created in 1998 and has a talent roster that has included leading entertainers from the film and music industries.

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    Walter Harrington

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    Emilie Barrett

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    Jane Martinez

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